Comprehensive Management Model

Whether you are considering entering the behavioral health arena for the first time or wish to re-position your current behavioral health services, Liberty’s Comprehensive Management Model will provide you with confidence and peace of mind. Our on-site and regional management teams are focused on every aspect of your behavioral health service, every day.

Liberty’s Comprehensive Management Model extends well beyond offering our hospital clients state-of–the–art clinical programs, experienced,

proven on-site clinical managers, and one of the most highly regarded, and Joint Commission certified, recruitment departments in the industry. Liberty knows that your behavioral health service is comprised of many critical components, and we manage them all on your behalf.

Liberty is expert in the design and management of superior behavioral health delivery systems that include emergency department triage, psychiatric consults within the hospital,

psychiatric coverage, billing and reimbursement consultation, program leadership issues, integrated quality improvement and outcome measures, utilization review, team building and ongoing staff education, to name a few.

Comprehensive Management means that you and your executive team can focus on the core areas of your hospital with the assurance that your behavioral health services are being managed by one of the most trusted and competent organizations in healthcare today.