Behavior Health Programs for Hospitals

Tailored Solutions Built on a Record of Success

For nearly 30 years, Liberty Healthcare Corporation has successfully provided outsourced management of inpatient and outpatient behavioral health programs, chemical dependency programs, and specialty programs for hospitals and behavioral healthcare treatment facilities across the United States. Liberty Healthcare has a well-deserved reputation for effectively addressing the most complex and seemingly intractable issues for our healthcare clients even as we positively impact their bottom lines in the process.

What distinguishes Liberty Healthcare from any other outsourced management company is the breadth of our healthcare experience and the quantifiable depth of our corporate resources. Because of our extensive experience and expertise, we employ an objective and comprehensive approach during the evaluation process of our clients’ behavioral health program needs. We do not force predetermined approaches on our clients. Instead, using all our resources, we build appropriate solutions that are tailored to your exact needs and individual goals.

Liberty Healthcare’s goal is to understand, identify, and remedy, for the long-term, any and all issues, internal or external that are impeding or preventing your behavioral health programs from providing an exceptional clinical product and enhancing your hospital’s economic profile.

With Liberty Healthcare, you don’t have to cut service to cut costs℠.